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About Elicia HomeCare

Elicia HomeCare provides short and long-term services for individuals with different needs. Elicia is committed to ensuring that all its services are accessible and affordable for its clients through their medical insurance coverage. Elicia’s partnership with network of healthcare providers in the Twin Cities ensures that clients have seamless referrals and coordinated services. With convenience and flexibility, we gladly accept private payments for all major services we provide; which means that you have the option to pay directly for your services without relying on insurance coverage or third-party intermediaries. 

Elicia HomeCare Services, LLC is a human service provider for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and people at risk of homelessness. All services and licenses guideline are obtained through the Minnesota Department of Human Service (DHS). Elicia Provides Service through the following licenses Personal Care Assistance (PCA), Housing Stabilization Services (HSS), and Special Transportation Services. Elicia has been providing these services under a year now.

Our Story

Since launching our business in March of 2023, in just ten months, our thriving venture has defied expectations and achieved remarkable success. From our humble beginnings, we have rapidly grown into a dynamic force in the market, establishing a strong brand presence and gaining the trust of our customers. Our success is a testament to our innovative approach, customer-centric philosophy, and the dedication of our passionate team.

The ability to operate in multiple areas may facilitate strategic partnerships with other businesses, fostering collaborations that leverage each partner’s strengths. Having a range of licenses can provide a competitive edge by allowing the business to offer a comprehensive suite of products or services, meeting a broader spectrum of customer needs. Diversification through multiple licenses can help mitigate risks associated with changes in market conditions, industry regulations, or economic fluctuations affecting a particular sector. Multiple licenses allow a business to diversify its products or services, reaching different customer segments and expanding its market presence.

Mission Statement

our mission is to enhance lives through a comprehensive approach, addressing the critical areas of personal care assistance, special transportation services, and housing stabilization

Vision Statement

our vision is to be a transformative force in the lives of individuals and communities by pioneering excellence in personal care assistance, special transportation services, and housing stabilization

Core values

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